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Primrose Hill Ballet Schools

RAD White Commissioned Mark PHS-9594



In a happy and secure environment, children from 3 years grow in confidence and gain co-ordination through basic early ballet skills. Ballet is the oldest formulated dance technique which provides co-ordination, strength, mobility and grace. It is considered the foundation for all other serious dance forms Classical ballet makes a difference to everyone; it improves their stance and posture, physical development and body strength, spatial awareness, and is a great invitation to classical music. Baby Ballet starts from 3 years and is an excellent way for children to involve themselves in the joys and benefits of dance, song and movement. It aids a child’s development, educates them and enables them to have fun at the same time, whilst promoting good manners, behavior, discipline, deportment and self-respect.


Pre School Ballet (3 - 4.5 years)


Pre-School Ballet classes are carefully designed and developed music to movement program.


Ballet Classes From (5 years +)


Primary, Grades 1 to 8 & Advanced Ballet Classes are based on the syllabus of the R.A.D.


Pointe Work classes are available for more advanced students.


Exams in all genrês will be taken when the syllabus has been completed to a high standard.

(Optional and at the teachers discretion)


The qualified Principal, Katie Pick (RAD RTS) oversees all classes.


Parents are invited to watch classes during the last week of 1 term per year.


The Primrose Hill Ballet School Lets Your Child’s Dreams Come True!

The Adventures Of Alice - 2016'

The Adventures Of Alice - 2016'