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Primrose Hill Ballet Schools

RAD White Commissioned Mark

Dance Based Activites

Dance Toilet Roll Challenge

(For All Students)


Film each student doing the following:



1) Catching a toilet roll from their left


2) Perform a dance move, sequence or trick


3) Throw toilet roll out of shot to their right



Please film and send to Miss Katie via email or the school WhatsApp: 07769 353528


This will be made into a mini film!


Please See An Example Below

T-Shirt Design Competition

For Our 10 Year Anniversary!

(For All Students)


To Celebrate Our 10 Year Anniversary Each Student Will Be Asked To Design A T-Shirt. The Winner Will Have Their Design Printed On The T-Shirt For All Students & Staff To Wear!


Please click the link below for the T-Shirt Template:


Send Designs Back To Miss Katie


Happy Designing!